New Membership/Renewal of Membership

Thank you for choosing to use the USTPA online membership registration. The information requested below is necessary for us to set-up your membership account, provide you with full access to USTPA membership benefits and ensure proper recording of your prize money earnings. We provide a secure online system for submitting your personal information but if you would prefer to provide this information to us directly, membership information can also be submitted to the USTPA by mail at PO Box 1359, Weatherford, TX 76086 or over the phone by calling 817-599-4455.

Renewing Members Only Need To Complete Sections 1-3

1. Personal Information

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2. USTPA Membership Type
$37 Youth Membership (under 17 years as of 10/10/16)
$68 Individual Annual
$156 Family Annual (parents and thier youth children, as defined above)
$520 Individual Lifetime
$780 Family Lifetime*
$37 Show Official(does not include $25 test fee)
*Family includes parent(s) and their children who are under the age of 17 as of 10/10/16 and have the same mailing address as parents. For Family Memberships, list all other family members to be included below and complete a membership application form for each family member(for rider purposes).
3. Flag's Up! Magazine
USTPA Competing Members with U.S. addresses receive a subscription to Flag's Up!
I prefer to view Flag's Up! online and do not need a mailed copy.
My household receives duplicate copies and I do not need one.
Foreign addresses add international postage
4. Member Handbook
You can download and view the member handbook at the link below
USTPA Member Handbook
5. Rider Rating Assessment Information

Penning Riding Ability
Sorting Riding Ability
Penning Competition Experience
Sorting Competition Experience
Penning Competition Record

Sorting Competiton Record

Please List below the Name of Any USTPA Member(s) Who can Attest to Your Abilities
Please List any Events or Arenas Where You Ride on a Regular basis
Penning Access to Partners

Sorting Access to Partners

# of Top 10 Finishes at Regional or National Shows of any Association or Circuit in the last 2 years:
# Out of State Shows Attended/Yr:
# of Classes Penned/Sorted Last Yr:
# of Yrs Penning/Sorting:
Describe anything else that you feel should be considered in your rating as a rider:
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